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Problems with software?


Software does not do what you want?

Looks familiar? Is software not doing what you want it to do? And this is only the first phase in a […]

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Why does this happen all the time ?!@#

Wondering why software is behaving strangely? Still have to enter the same data twice? Can’t get a grip of what […]

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I give up, nothing is working as is should!

Getting tired of workarounds? Giving up on your software? You should have talked to us sooner, this can all be […]

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Custom business software solutions

You're in for a surprise

A custom business management software solution might seem to dramatically increase costs when compared to an off-the-shelf solution, but there are many reasons why in the end the solutions we provide will bring you a quicker Return On Investment.

Some reasons why people stick with their own solutions.

  • We’re using an Excel document to do our quotations, and Excel came with our computer system.
    • So, and how do you keep track of historic quotes and calculations?
      Saving each quote as a separate document? Can you easily find them back?
      Can multiple users see in an instance what has been offered?
    • Our solution is to have a central point of access for all quotations and record every quote against searchable contacts, be it clients or prospects.
      With this you can easily look up a quote you have done ages ago or check a quote that you’ve done for another client / prospect.


  • Our quotation and calculations are too random and complex.
    • How many people within the business actually know how to do a quotation / calculation?
      Does it take hours to prepare a quotation?
    • We offer flexible, easy to create (hidden complexity in the back-end), customised to your needs quotation solutions, following your guidelines.
      This allows quotations to be created within minutes, rather than hours and can be taken care of by staff with lesser knowledge of the complex calculations.


  • We are too small to afford a custom software solution.
    • Do you have any idea how much you can save by automating (some of) your processes? Did you know that by saving only 15 minutes per day per staff member you can earn your investment back within a year?
    • We have clients as small as two or three staff that benefit from our solutions on a daily bases.
      After having talked with our clients for the first price and mentioning our indicative price range, none of them were shocked by the price.


 Get more information about custom software and why it can benefit you more the standard off-the-shelf software.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest developments

Label printers

label printing management software

Label Printers Quote calculation for label printers is quite an involved process, there are many aspects of printing a label […]

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Trust, professionalism, stability and growth

How to build more Trust, Professionalism, Stability and Growth

Isn’t it annoying to be left in the dark when it comes to finding out what the progress of work […]

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benefit of customised software

A benefit of custom software

One benefit of custom software as a web based solution is easier software upgrades, patches and backups are vital to keep a […]

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Accounts administration software

How we saved ourself using an administrator

As a software development company, we are quite keen to prove our systems to work, and as such we are […]

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Reap the benefits, enable growth

Label printing management software

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Business software solutions

Custom business software that works for you; we work closely together with our clients to assure that the provided solution is most beneficial for them. This allows us to achieve a quick Return on Investment of One year or less.

Below you will find a few of our clients who are using a custom business management software solution we have provided and we have an ongoing relationship with these clients to assure that the provided solution is still up-to-date and offers them what they require.

Automation is the key to a better business

We have a solution for you

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Horncastle homes

Horncastle homes

Our custom document filing system to manage their project documents.

NZ Doors

NZ Doors

A custom order workflow CRM system to improve their complex quotation process.

Healthcare Compliance Solutions Ltd

Healthcare Compliance Solutions Ltd

A quality assurance system for Aged Care Facilities to keep track of their events.



A custom Accounts Archive system that integrates with Xero to manage Accounts Payable invoices.